TV Documentaries

Documentaries by John Edginton

MIRIAM SALEHDivorce Jewish Style aka Revelations : Divorce Jewish Style (Channel 4 UK )

“ An exceptional look into the last taboo of a culture, the blatant anachronism that some Orthodox Jewish men can still choose whether to grant their wives a divorce.” The Times.

Produced and Directed by John Edginton

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Chappaquiddick (BBC) aka Investigative Reports: Chappaquiddick (A&E)

sunday newsThis investigative documentary probes the stench of deceit around Senator Edward Kennedy’s infamous 1968 car crash that resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and the loss of Kennedy’s hopes for the presidency.

“One of those great conspiracy documentaries.”The Guardian

“John Edginton’s film persuasively postulates a sensational theory.”  Sunday Times

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Promised Land (BBC )

Filmed in Montgomery Alabama in 1988, 20 years after Dr Martin Luther King’s assassination.

” This program sets out to portray the current tensions and frustrations, hopes and fears, of this divided city that was at the center of the civil rights struggle in the ’50’s and ’60’s. Here is where it all started in 1955 with the famous bus boycott led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ten years later, Montgomery was the symbolic goal of the march from Selma to protest restrictions on black voters, when many marchers were beaten by police.Images of those years are interwoven with the experiences of Montgomery’s black citizens today. ” Filmakers Library.


Battle for the Trees (Channel 4 UK and the National Film Board of Canada)

” Battle for the Trees view is a record of combat.. telling the story of a battle between defenders of the forest and the forest industry – a battle to the bitter end, between commercial interests and the democratic process. The soldiers in this war are battalions of scientists, environmentalists, forestry workers, members of Aboriginal communities and ordinary citizens… The stakes are high: old-growth trees and their survival.” NFB Website

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Jewish Law (Channel 4UK)

Three observational documentary films that explore the hidden world of Manchester’s Orthodox Jews .

“A remarkable series that is perhaps the most ambitious attempt ever to put Orthodox observance on British television.” Jewish Chronicle.

Viking Boat Race (Ch4/History Channel)

The Viking Boat Race TX PDF

Omnibus : Syd Barrett – Crazy Diamond (BBC)

Bellevue : Inside Out (HBO)

Our Father the Serial Killer (BBC/Granada) aka Investigating Father (Court TV)

Murder at Fort Devens (A&E)

The Killing of Sister Gilford (Ch4)

Witness : Death of a Sister (Ch4)

Horizon : Hearing Voices (BBC)

Timewatch : Hunger Strike -A Hidden History (BBC)

Deep Sleep aka Secret History : Deep Sleep (Ch4)